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Test Updates and Back-to-School Webinar

August 2023

Test Updates and Back-to-School Webinar

July 2023

AAPPL Ratings, Graduation, and the Value of Languages

June 2023

Seal of Biliteracy Scholarship and Language at Work

May 2023

Seal of Biliteracy Achievement Award, Multilingual Learning Advocacy Month

April 2023

National Language Week and Preparing for Spring Testing

March 2023

Championing World Languages Locally and Nationally

February 2023

Advocacy and Language Goals in the New Year

January 2023


National Exchange Opportunities, Children Privacy Online & ACTFL Convention

December 2022

2022 ACTFL Annual Convention and Expo

November 2022

Test Updates and Supporting Today’s Learners

October 2022

Testing Updates, Funding News, and Top Testing Tips

September 2022

Back to School Preparations and Seal of Biliteracy

August 2022

Using AAPPL Reports to Analyze Student Scores and Language

July 2022

Graduation and the Power of the Seal of Biliteracy

May/June 2022

April is National Bilingual/Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month

April 2022

The Relevance of Multilingualism in the Real World & What YOU Can Do!

March 2022

Language Advocacy & Making Test Data Work for You

February 2022

ACTFL Assessments & The Seal of Biliteracy

January 2022


Testing for the Seal of Biliteracy

December 2021

AAPPL Form E News

November 2021

Special Edition: ACTFL Virtual Convention 2021

October 2021

The AAPPL 2021-22 is Here!

September 2021

New AAPPL Topics!

August 2021

Enjoy Your Summer!

June 2021

AAPPL Score Reports & Data

May 2021

ACTFL Assessments & The Seal of Biliteracy

April 2021

Implementing the Seal of Biliteracy

March 2021

ACTFL Assessments & The Seal of Biliteracy

February 2021

ACTFL Assessments & The Seal of Biliteracy

January 2021


What's New This Year?

December 2020

Special Edition: ACTFL Virtual Convention!

November 2020

ACTFL Assessments: Testing in a Virtual World

October 2020

Seal of Biliteracy Success Stories

August 2020

Share Your Seal of Biliteracy Success Stories!

June 2020

Computer-Based Proctoring for 2020 AAPPL Now Available!

May 2020

AAPPL At-Home Testing Options

April 2020

Countdown to AAPPL and AAPPL Elementary!

February 2020