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Inspiring Employees to Excel at Work. Valuing Multilingual Employees.

July 2023

Unprecedented Growth of the Immigrant Labor Force. Multilingualism and Business Success

June 2023

Incentive Pay for Bilingual Workforce. I-O Psychology & Language Assessments

May 2023

Language Assessment for Remote Workforce. Continued Job Growth

April 2023

The Impact of Language Assessment on Business. Explosive Job Growth in January

March 2023

Risks of Not Assessing Language Skills of Current & Prospective Employees

February 2023

The Benefits and Importance of Language Assessment for Recruitment & Retention

January 2023


Language Proficiency for Client-Centered Services

December 2022

The Risks of Not Assessing Language Skills and the Value of Bilingual Talent

November 2022

Bilingual Pay Incentive and Tips for Hiring Multilingual Talent

October 2022

Multilingual Talent is Essential to the Success of Today's Business

September 2022

Growing Your Business with Language and Cultural Proficiency

August 2022

Employer-Sponsored Education and Language Assessment

July 2022

Language Assessment in Recruitment

May-June 2022

The Importance of Language Assessment in the Workplace

April 2022

Culture & Language Where You Work, Live & Play

March 2022

What Foreign Langauges Mean for U.S. Employers

February 2022


Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency in Leadership

December 2021

Providing Linguistically and Culturally Competent Client Services

November 2021

Keeping Pace with a Changing Global Society

October 2021

Language: A Tool for Business Growth and Impact

September 2021

Navigating a Multicultural Minefield as Part of Your Business Endeavors

August 2021