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ACTFL's Remotely Proctored Language Assessments, delivered by LTI

LTI is committed to providing you with readiness resources to support your bilingual community!

ACTFL’s remotely proctored language assessments, delivered by Language Testing International (LTI), are designed for healthcare agencies seeking to evaluate the language proficiency of their current or prospective employees in one or more languages anytime, anywhere, safely, securely, and economically. 

How it works

  • Remote proctoring is conducted online by a live proctor.
  • Proper identification is required at the time of the assessment.
  • Using a webcam-enabled computer (and a headset with microphone for speaking assessments), candidates can take tests from a quiet location at a date and time convenient to their schedules.

How To Get Started

  • If you are new to LTI, account setup is quick and easy, with no minimums to meet.
  • Request your assessments to include the remote proctoring service.
  • Select a convenient date and time for testing.
  • Retrieve your candidates’ scores conveniently and safely.

Testing Standards

LTI is the exclusive licensee of ACTFL assessments. Founded in 1967, ACTFL is a leader in the development of proficiency-based teaching and testing, with a membership of over 12,500 language educators and administrators. We offer tests to assess speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

Learn More About Our Assessments

The Oral Proficiency Interview computer assessment (OPIc) is a 20 to 40-minute, internet-delivered speaking test that provides valid and reliable oral proficiency testing on a large scale.
The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a 15 to 30-minute speaking test conducted by a live tester.

The ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) is a standardized test for the global assessment of functional writing ability in a language.

The ACTFL Listening Proficiency Test (LPT) is a standardized test for the global assessment of listening ability in a language.

The ACTFL Computer Adaptive Listening and Reading Test (L&RCAT) is an Internet‐delivered version of the ACTFL English Listening and Reading Proficiency Tests (LPT and RPT).
The ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test (RPT) is a standardized test for the global assessment of reading ability in a language.