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Language Testing International (LTI) has teamed up with world language educators across the nation to create the LTI AAPPL Educator Panel (LTI AAPPL EP). 


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The LTI AAPPL EP will collaborate with LTI to inspire, mentor and share knowledge with fellow educators who are also using LTI/ACTFL assessments or examining ways to use ACTFL tests for their language programs.

Current Members

Members of the panel will be invited to preview new digital features and to ensure the new digital enhancements improve the test functionality in their schools. They will work closely with the product and marketing teams to inform our understanding of user best practices and teaching strategies as they relate to preparing educators to administer our assessments in their classrooms. Subject matter expertise and content provided by our participants will be shared via newsletters, blog posts, webinars, social channels, and presentations at conferences. All the information will be shared with ACTFL for approval.

Our Goal

Our goal is to continually expand this panel and ultimately to create a network of brand advocate AAPPL All-Stars who will support the growing community of teachers using LTI/ACTFL assessments.